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Essence Absolue Oil

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Nourishing protective oil.

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Multi-use hair oil that moisturizes and protects hair with intense nutrition. Camellia Oil absorbs rapidly, leaving it soft and silky with high shine. This velvety hair oil rebalances the hair’s moisture level and provides all-day UV protection without weighing down even the finest of hair. Formulated for daily use. Safe on color-treated hair.


1. To use as a styling aid, apply 1 pump to your hands (a little goes a long way) and work through hair from mid-lengths to ends.
2. To use as a pre-shampoo treatment, use 3-4 pumps and comb into dry hair before shampooing.
3. To use as a conditioning treatment, apply 1 pump each to 4 sections of hair from mid-lengths through ends, and massage into scalp.
4. Leave overnight and style as normal in the morning.


HAIR TYPE: For All Hair Types


Camellia Oil
The Camellia Japonica is a tree known for its strength. It can survive for hundreds of years and withstand very low temperatures.
Very rich in essential lipids, Camellia Oil is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils. It provides deep nutrition and moisture as well as helps to maintain the lipid balance of the hair fiber, imparting a supple and velvety feel.


FRAGRANCE: Camellia Petal
TOP NOTE: Grapefruit, Green, Aqueous
HEART NOTE: Camellia, White Essence, Heliotrope
BASE NOTE: Powdery, Gourmand, Musk